Wacom launched two new styli this week, one compatible with iPhones and iPads and the other meant for Windows 10 devices. The first is dubbed Bamboo Sketch and it’s the iOS compatible one and the second is Bamboo Ink, obviously meant to work with Windows Ink on Windows 10.

Bamboo Ink comes with 3 versions of nibs: soft, medium and firm, for different feels. The pen works with quite a few Windows 10 devices, all of them listed here. It can be used to interact with the Edge browser, navigate windows, write in text boxes, as well as navigate, scroll and select text. The Bamboo Sketch also has a swappable fine tip and it can be used to sketch and draw both on the iPad and iPhone.

It does Bluetooth pairing and it’s also pressure sensitive with 2048 levels supported. Interestingly, it works even on iPads that don’t support the Apple Pencil. Bamboo Sketch will charge via a custom magnetic connector and USB and should offer 15 hours of functioning on a charge. Both models are priced at $80 and they’ll be available on Wacom’s site, plus select retailers.

The Bamboo Sketch has a soft and firm tip and it mimics a pen and paper experience, plus it has shortcut buttons, that can be customized.