Wacom never sleeps, as it’s either in the news with a new tablet, or a new partnership that provides a device maker with its skills. Over the past 24 hours the company has debuted a new compact tablet, meant for graphics, the Intuos Pro Small.

The Intuos lineup already includes a few other models, the Pro Medium and Large slates, so the junior is catered to those looking for a smaller format. The Pro Medium and Large cost $379.95 and $499.95 respectively, but the Small comes in at a more affordable $249.95. The product is supposed to provide the same size of a working area as the original Pro: 6.3 x 3.9 inches.

This newcomer has a nearly identical design to its bigger brothers, with the difference being the number of buttons. The Pro Small features 6 express buttons, while the Medium and Large come with 8 buttons of the sort. There are also many common features, including support for the Pro Pen 3D and Pro Pen Slim accessories. Intuos Pro Small is available on both the Amazon and Wacom store today.

It doesn’t offer the option to swap texture sheets, but it does come with Bluetooth connection, letting it hook up to Macs and PCs. There’s also USB Type-C connectivity, used to charge up the device. Touch controls are also available, so you can pinch to zoom at will, or use two fingers to rotate the canvas.

The product comes with a Pro Pen 2 without a battery, a pen stand with six standard nibs and four felt nibs, plus 4 extra pen color rings and a 2 metre USB cable.