Once the Windows Ink feature came out, many Windows tablets started unlocking their potential for scribbling and drawing with a stylus. And some companies benefited from that, by launching dedicated accessories. Chief among them is Wacom, with their Bamboo Ink stylus, that just became available.

Announced this May, the product is finally up for sale. It’s a pressure-sensitive stylus, that works on a large variety of Windows 10 devices, made by different companies. The only requirement is that they support Windows Ink. For those of you not familiar with Windows Ink, this is Microsoft’s way of offering input via stylus, in a superior compared to other platforms.

It came with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and lets accessory makers add support for pen-related features without even needing a singular pattern of hardware. Anyway, Wacom’s product is the one in question here and this Bamboo Ink comes with active stylus features, such as the pressure-sensitive tip, two customizable buttons on the side and a Bluetooth button at the top side.

That one can trigger features like Ink Workspace, start a Screen Sketch or open the Sticky Notes. These are triggered with a press, long press or press and hold action respectively. Wacom Bamboo Ink is available from Microsoft Stores and Best Buy, priced at $69.99. It can be used with the likes of ASUS Transformer Pros and Mini, Fujitsu Lifebook models, HP Elite x2 and so many more.

A full list of compatible products awaits you in the source link below.