Wacom unleashed a new tablet this week, a 24 inch Full HD model that’s meant for education and business, rather than drawing and graphical design. Keep in mind this is not a device that has the required color accuracy, pressure sensitivity or other such features required by designers.

The product will be useful for the medical sector too, especially in Japan. The new tablet has a certain focus on transactions, both business and medical. We’re talking about signing agreements and deals, contracts and pulling up enrollment documents and forms. It’s no Cintiq, Intuos or other such models, that’s for sure. Specs include a 1920 x 1080 pixel panel and the device is available in two versions, the DTK-2451 (pen only) and DTH-2452 (pen and touch version).

The business-focused models will bring 2048 levels of pressure, which is no match to a Cintiq Pro’s 8096 levels. Both newcomers have a hardened cover glass, which will serve to reduce glare, scratching and it’ll also offer a surface that feels like real paper. Bezels have been reduced a lot and a new pen holder is attached to the side. A Kensington security slot has been provided to avoid theft and a pen tether is included too.

On the connectivity front, we’ve got DVI video, with support for both analog and digital systems. The new Wacom tablet has an adjustable stand, with support for angles between 11 and 73 degrees. VESA mounting holes are also here, for third party arms and stands.