Just yesterday we wrote about Wacom’s Bamboo Ink stylus and now another Wacom product pops up. This time it’s a software product, a professional note taking app, that should give the Samsung Note app a run for its money, in the Note 8 version.

Wacom usually relies on third party apps for pen support, like the Microsoft ones incorporated within Windows 10. OneNote comes to mind. Bamboo Note is the app made by Wacom and it’s said to be available soon, making note taking intuitive and simple, according to the company. The app lets you do more than just hand writing, you can type text, integrate images and use an unlimited canvas.

Notes can be exported to PDF or other formats, plus printed. The whole infinity canvas thing makes me think of OneNote for sure and I expect Microsoft isn’t thrilled that its product is getting a rival. Wacom has a good track record with such apps, if you just look at Bamboo Paper for example, that lets you turn your Windows tablet into a paper notebook and capture ideas on the go.

It’s all sketching, drawing and more, using a system that imitates real pen and paper.