Samsung’s offer that bundled a DeX dock with the Galaxy Note 8 was quite appealing for many people who preordered the device, but some of them may want more. By “more” we understand something like the concept laptop rendered below. This brings back memories of the ASUS PadFone times…

The Samsung Dex Book is merely a concept design of course, but it’s a solid one made by designers from South Korea: Kwanjan Ryu and Jaejin Bong. This device was rendered using Rhinoceros 5.0 and Keyshot. It’s a 14 inch widescreen machine with a MacBook-like keyboard, no trackpad and with a special space for a Galaxy S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.

You’ll simply place the phone there and have it be used as the brains of the laptop. The laptop offers a 3360 x 1440 pixel resolution, but the bezels are somehow bigger than one would expect in 2017. The Dex Book itself lacks a CPU, cooler or GPU, leaving all of those to the smartphones. It does however have a generous battery, as the designers themselves have mentioned.

A soundbar has been included as well, for high end acoustics, possibly with some Karman involvement. The screen has a 21:9 ratio and there’s support for Samsung Pay, as well as a dedicated Bixby button on the keyboard I’m digging the industrial design, but I’m not sure about the lack of a trackpad. Of course the Note 8/S8 would serve that purpose.

  • S Saphire

    i like the aspect ratio of the concept 21.9 display at high pixel resolution could boost a persons productivity

  • Ayush

    Love the concept. Something I would surely buy as a Galaxy phone user.

  • Jeff Edsell

    I’d buy one. I love the Dex idea but it’s mostly a novelty — if I’m at my desk I already have a computer. I’d definitely carry this.

  • rbfx4x

    If it was upwardly compatible such as being able to plug in a GS9 or GS10 for an upgrade path, this would be an awesome, accidentally modular upgrade-able laptop.

  • i want this. samsung please

  • roadrunner00

    Doesn’t even need todock into the laptop. Make it cable attached to a kvm style unit. Users choose between little portable units or larger screen units. Yes. This is what the atrix was trying to do.

  • brandon fong zheng ming

    shut up and take my money!!!

  • Crosat Global

    Awesome! If not Samsung, someone else should get this thing done and made available! It’s a lovely concept. There’s also a Galaxy X concept on YouTube. Only if Samsung would make those a reality!