Wacom Korea announced this month that its products have been flying off the shelves. Turns out that its tablet sales grew by 100% in Q2 2020, on account of the Coronavirus pandemic. The record sales were signalled in the Korean market and they should mirror the public’s behavior in a few other markets.

People wanted more tablets for online classes, lectures, work from home in fields la photo and video editing, plus drawing and other creative purposes. There was also a surge in the popularity of Webtoons and other Korea multimedia entertainment. Online lectures were for many the only way to get learning and education done in this period. Wacom’s increase comes in a time when electronics weren’t doing so great. Phones registered a drop, while tablets gained some momentum in some parts of the world.

Big screen electronics became essential for people who teach from home, students and professionals. One of the most popular tablet sizes in South Korea is the sweet spot between 13 inches and 23 inch screens, in high demand among professional content creators and other creatives. Gaming was also a reason for the sales increase. Wacom is focusing on professionals for the time being, with promotions and new product launches. Expect to see further increases in Wacom tablet sales in Q3 and Q4, especially if new lockdowns arrive.