There were some strange moves around the Nvidia Shield product lately, since last week the product got cheaper and now it gets delayed. Nvidia supposedly discovered a mechanical issue with the device and promised to fix it by next month.

NVIDIA-Project-Shield-Mobilissimo (8)

The device was supposed to hit stores today, June 27th and now it has moved to an unspecified date in July. The product is supposed to have a mechanical issue “related to a third party component”. Last week we saw Nvidia dropping the price of the Shield from $349 to $299 and folks who played with the device at E3 2013 found it to be finalized.

People have already preordered this gadget and I guess it must be very frustrating for them to find out that they have to wait a bit longer till the unit arrives. The folks of Engadget managed to find out that the culprit is an internal component, but Nvidia wouldn’t say which. Seeing how the Tegra 4 CPU is not widespread on tablets, although it has been launched for a while now, could it be the CPU that’s affecting the launch?

I must also mention, that compared to the prototype, the final Shield will get a microSD card slot.