Remember the recently published interview with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and the tablet he was messing with at that time? Turns out that the device was in fact an NVIDIA Tegra tablet prototype, that’s just been analyzed via hands on experience by the folks of Engadget.


This is a Windows CE-powered piece of gear, with a resistive touchscreen display (15/16 inches diagonal), Tegra internals that resemble the ones on Zune HD and much more. The maker of this tablet is ICD and a partner for the sales of the device might be T-Mobile.

NVIDIA’s device is far from being finished, but it’s a prototype after all and it’s pretty good for what it’s supposed to be. The tablet is under an inch in thickness, supports 720p video playback and even comes with a wireless recharge station, a sort of base accessory that allows the gadget to recharge in upright position.

Who cares about the Apple Tablet when you see a great idea like this?



[via Engadget]