The Nvidia Shield devices were arguably the first real gaming tablets and also those with the best controls and dedicated buttons, one would say. Turns out that software updates are a curse for these devices, since they either break the slates (happened a few times), or they’re just not coming. Android 8.0 Oreo for example isn’t coming anytime soon.

Nvidia itself admitted that the Shield Tablet, Shield Tablet K1 and the deriver versions won’t be getting Oreo. Manuel Guzman, a software quality assurance worker at NVIDIA made this comment on social media, responding to a fan. He said that Android 8.0 won’t reach the Shields. A Nougat update will be coming to the Shield K1, but that’s pretty much it. Too bad that the gaming devices with an otherwise solid selection of titles doesn’t get much love from its maker on the software front.

Well, at least there’s a chance for the Shield TV to get Oreo, especially since it recently gained access to Google Assistant and all that jazz. Two mere years of support are surely not enough for an Android tablet, with Apple for example offering so much more support. They’re even offering iOS 11 on my very old iPad Mini 2, so imagine that. What’s annoying is that the Tegra CPUs are powerful and should be more than enough to run Oreo.

That’s why we can’t get how this is happening…