Launched a while ago, the NVIDIA Shield tablet is a great device for gaming if we’re looking at its specs and at the extra controller that can be bought with the tablet. Now, the guys from had the opportunity to get their hands on this amazing device that gets now unboxed.


Among the accessories we find in the package we have the Nvidia Shield gaming tablet, a safety information manual, an USB travel charger, and a microUSB cable for connecting gamepad and other use cases. This tablet comes with a 8-inch Full HD display and a pretty default software.


As you can see in the pictures above, the tablet offers a soft touch rubbery material on both sides and back of the device. NVIDIA Shield tablet also offers a Tegra K1 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz and a 192-core Kepler GPU. As we find out a few days ago, the tablet will be released in Europe too at Gamescom 2014.