Slashgear has a source saying that issues have starting popping up in the development of tablets based on NVIDIA’s second-gen Tegra Chipset. This “trusted source” also mentions that all projects were delayed, at least till late August 2010. Meanwhile, NVIDIA is claiming that the rumours aren’t true and everything is “on track” with Tegra 2. Which source are you willing to believe?

Back to the original source, it said that the new Tegra solution has stability issues, with Notion Ink and ICD waiting for NVIDIA to fix them. Compal’s tablet is apparently pushed to mid-September, while Notion Ink are also faced with 2 months of delay. The ICD Ultra 7 inch tablet and the 15 inch Vega are rescheduled for October 2010, the first bundled with an LTE mode, on Verizon and the second meant for T-Mobile UK.

All the info mentioned above was very much dismissed by NVIDIA, but at least we know what’s being said at the moment, right?

[via slashgear]