Oppo has confirmed it’s going to bring its foldable phone to MWC 2019. Oppo’s Product Manager Chuck Wang was the one to confirm it, after a series of foldable device patents showed up online. The official didn’t diclose info about the device, but let’s recap what we know so far.

This year, in July and September we saw Oppo foldable phone patents, in line with the things that Samsung and Huawei have shown or leaked so far. They’re mostly horizontally oriented devices, that open up like books. Back to the fresh info, the Oppo official also mentioned that the company will deliver a smartphone with 5G in 202 and they’ll also make one with a new gen display cutout in 2020.

Foldable phones will be a big deal in 2019. Samsung’s Galaxy F is coming in February, at MWC 2019 and Huawei also confirmed it’ll show something similar at the same show. LG has promised to do a showcasing as soon as CES 2019 even. I don’t know if you know this, but Oppo has been innovating a lot behind the scenes. They’ve created the uber fast Super VOOC charging, a 5X optical zoom mechanism and this week they patented a retractable display that protects a phone from fatal drops.

Since Oppo and OnePlus are sister companies, I expect that OnePlus will borrow from Oppo’s foldable tech. By the way, Oppo is the fourth largest phone maker in the world, after Samsung, Huawei and Apple. They have switched their position with Xiaomi a few times over the past year.