Oppo is a company that stood out so far in 2016 through innovation, by showcasing at MWC 2016 both the ultra fast charging VOOC tech and innovations related to the camera area. This time they seem to be working on flexibility, having recently showcased a 7 inch device with a folding display.


Samsung and LG have explored this format over the past years, offering us glimpses into flexible devices like Samsung Youm or the LG G Flex series. In the end they didn’t evolve further. Oppo’s invention has been in development since August 2015 and the first prototype was ready in February 2016. The concept shown here feels like a Nintendo 3DS and it’s not very clear if there’s one large screen folded in the middle, or two screens joint up with a special hinge.

We do seem to be spotting a hinge or something that looks metallic and the bezels are rather big. If this model reminds me of any device, that’s the HTC Flyer and considering its front camera and USB port placement, it’s more of a tablet than phone.