Oppo could be entering the foldable phone territory soon, judging by a recently uncovered patent. That one refers to a foldable machine, a foldable phone that may well inspire a OnePlus device of a similar sort. Considering the two companies are under the same umbrella firm, it’s likely they’ll make similar format foldables.

The patents reveal a pretty predictable approach in this case and we’ve seen it in Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft or even Motorola form. We see here a smartphone with a folding screen, one that folds outward, so the flexible display wraps around the body. Sources say we may actually end up with an affordable foldable phone in this case, compared to the premium models that Huawei and Samsung are making, priced above $1000.

The foldable phone shown here comes with a pretty large flexible display, some cameras at the front and back and there’s even the appearance of two selfie cameras, or two back cameras depending on the patent page you look at. Oppo has been keen on innovating over the past years, with the Oppo Find X sliding part phone, with the SuperVOOC charging and the 5X optical camera mechanism it came up with.

At this point they seem like a “me too” act, following Samsung’s lead. Here’s to differentiation in the future.