Intel has big plans for the summer, intending to reveal a bunch of tablet/laptop hybrids based on their Haswell solutions. The new 2 in 1 product segment will steal some market share from ARM-based devices and a few such machines will be unveiled this summer.


The 4th gen Core processors can reach a consumption as low as 6W, according to Intel, so slates will be thinner and also cooler, plus fanless. Giving us an idea of what to expect in the future, Intel brought to Computex 2013 a reference design hybrid. The first of these 2 in 1 ultrabooks will arrive this summer and it’ll be basically a dockable tablet with a huge amount of power.

Intel has predicted over 9 hours of active use battery life or 10-13 days of standby functioning, very impressive for this chip maker. They are also attacking on the cheaper end of the spectrum, with the Intel Bay Trail-T, the latest Atom generation, that will probably be found on phones, phablets and cheaper tablets soon. Of course by then all the world would have been taken over by MediaTek…