Given the very large number of devices available today from all categories, it would mean a highly substantial effort for one to own one of each. Compromise solutions are slowly coming to life and one barely announced is coming from Belkin and is capable of turning the most popular mobile solutions into ultrabooks.


Ultrabooks or Tablets are the way to go for most users these days, going for a high factor of mobility. For these devices Belkin has manufactured two docking stations that provide advanced use. The Dual Video Docking Stand for Windows 8 tablets and the Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks are capable of turning such devices into a workstation type solution.

The Belkin docking stands offer a way for users to connect most their peripherals and more while retaining the use of only one connection cable from the device to the station. Through the stand owners will find ports to connect a printer, keyboard, Ethernet, additional USB ports, display ports, and more. The tablet designed docking station supports Windows 8 and Intel Atom to Core i based configuration. For ultrabooks – Windows XP to 8 are supported, though Windows 8 RT is left behind on both.