Intel was present at Computex 2019 as well, unveiling an interesting prototype: a dual screen laptop that uses fabric material on the outside. The aim here is to deliver a laptop that’s as light as possible and that happens via the Twin River prototype below.

The fabric case is made using polyester, polyamide and lycra and within this shell you can find a dual display setup with Full HD resolution and touch input. You can use the device as a book, notepad, regular laptop and the lower part is meant as a keyboard. Twin River is just 1.7 lbs heavy and it integrates two 12.3 inch screens.

Intel also provided a Bluetooth-supporting tactile keyboard nearby, that could be storted as a bookmark. When used as a book or notepad, the display adopts the proper screen ratio and Intel also showed off a tactile pen for it. Inside this contraption we find an Intel Whiskey Lake-U, a quad core processor, that uses a special and custom vapor chambor, in order to avoid using noisy fans.

The motherboard is somehow split between the two displays, while the CPU is oriented diagonally and each of the two sides has its own battery. We don’t know how much RAm and storage is inside and no ports were visible, aside from the Power one. It all sounds a bit too futuristic and far fetched for 2019 and some of the component setups here feel fragile.

All credits go out to The Verge for the pictures