Intel and Motorola have announced their partnership early this year and we would have expected to see some fruits of their cooperation by now. Well, we haven’t, at least not tablets and nor have we seen Lenovo Intel-based slates. Also, it appears we’re in for quite a wait, as Lenovo and Motorola decided to delay their Intel-based tablets.

The delay will make the products come after the month of November and it appears that this decision is already influencing the big picture, the Intel Android tablet PC plan, according to the supply chain sources. Intel refused to comment on products yet unannounced and its partners’ plans. We saw some engineering samples of Lenovo’s Intel tablet back in April, with Medfield CPU on board and the product was ready to debut in mid 2012, but for some reason that went away.

It appears that taking into account the arrival of Windows 8, Win RT and new entry level Android tablets, the whole project seemed doomed from the start. Lenovo wants to “further observe the market”, as they prepare their product. Meanwhile, on the smartphone market Intel has many more partners, such as Orange, Lava International, ZTE and obviously Lenovo and Motorola.