Intel showcased a dual screen foldable machine recently, which may just be a precursor for the Surface Phone, or maybe even the Samsung Galaxy X. The device is just a prototype for now, shown briefly to some journalists, in a few versions. Let’s check them out.

Intel has been lagging behind a bit in this computing space, as the Windows on ARM projects have been getting stronger. One would guess that future foldables will have Snapdragons inside. Intel is on the case, having created one dual display device with foldable hinge, that uses a normal screen and next to it an EPD (Electronic Paper Display).

This device would be ideal for note taking. The EPD will use less power than a normal screen and improve battery life. This looks a bit like a bigger ZTE Axon M. Then we’ve got the other prototype, which feels like a mini Sony Vaio or maybe the ASUS Precog, but once again in a miniature version. It has a main screen and a secondary screen that’s used for the keyboard input.

The flexible form factor will trigger multiple formats. This may end up as the Andromeda project, in case Microsoft hooks up with Intel. This Intel project is known as “Tiger Rapids” and one thing it has going for it is the very slim waistline, much slimmer compared to all those sketches and prototypes I’ve seen out there. Windows Ink may also be int he mix and a 7.9 inch LCD display should be one of the screens.

A SSD, WiFi, USB Type-C and a Kaby Lake CPU complete the package.

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