Google has recently unveiled details about its upcoming OS, Chrome, a very lightweight platform, based on a web browser and ideal for netbooks. The operating system focuses on speed, more than anything, since Chrome OS features a boot time of 7 seconds, allowing the users to log in afterwards.


The first portable devices to run Chrome OS (netbooks and tablets) will hit the market in late 2010, according to Google’s officials. Turns out that the OS won’t be available as a download on PCs, but it’ll only be shipping on Google hardware partners’ products. That means that if you want Chrome OS, you’ll have to purchase a Chrome device, among which there will be netbook-style computers.

They’ll sport full size keyboards, large trackpads and large displays, as far as we know. Another advantage of the upcoming OS-device combo will be the lack of a hard drive, replaced by Internet-based storage. You also have to know that the applications will be web-based, so you won’t have to install apps, backup data or other such tasks.

Chrome OS is a completely open source, Linux-based operating system that allows any developer to use the open code and create new software. Web apps and lightweight netbooks to be the future? What do you say?

[via CNN]