As you may know, North Korea is the country where the internet access is limited to the public, being available mostly just for public institutions. According to some statistics at the end of 2014 in North Korea were just 1.024 IP addresses, number that gives us an idea about how strict is the communism regime.


Also, the North Korean government developed a proper operating system called Red Star, platform that in the 2.0 version looked a lot like Windows. However, now in the 3.0 version, Red Star seems to inspire a lot from OS X, platform found on Apple’s products.


According to some information arrived on the web, Red Star OS was developed by Korea Computer Center and is based on Linux. This new version brings both a new browser called Naenara that is based on Firefox, and Wine support for running Windows 3.1 apps.


Looking at the picture above we can notice a lot of similarities between the Red Star 3.0 and the OS X. You must know that RS 3.0 is currently available on torrents since December 31 2014, with the mention that once installed you won’t be able to access the internet, this software being configured just for connection to the private North Korea internet network.