Almost everyday we have the chance to see some new projects, but today we get to see something even more interesting. We’re talking about the SailPi, a tablet developed to run Sailfish operating system on a Raspberry Pi coupled with a LCD touch screen and a cell phone battery pack.


Even if the design isn’t great, the tablet is really working, and its creator – Aleksi Suomalainen, had put a lot of effort in order to make this work. We get to know that the Sailfish OS project is targeted at creating a new OS for mobile devices, but as it seems it can also be used on larger screens.

Apparently, the person behind this SailPi project managed to port Sailfish to a Pi 2 computer during a hacking week, sharing the code for it on its blog. If you want to know more about this project you can check the video above, or Aleksi’s YouTube channel that can be found right here.