I guess it takes an enraged grandpa and thousands of teens going mental over the game Flappy Bird in order to remove it from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Created by Dong Nguyen this is the latest gaming viral that has taken over mobile devices.


A game that takes up less than 1 MB of storage, Flappy Bird is as easy as they come: it involves controlling a tiny bird and dodging pipes that seem copied straight out of Mario. The graphics are pixelated and the game is controlled with a single repeated tap on the screen. You tap to take the bird higher and avoid obstacles.

Most of the times you’ll fail at obstacle number 1, but once you get past number 2 and 3 you really feel you’re playing something. Dong Nguyen is making $50,000 a day in ad revenue from this game and said he can’t take the hate against the game anymore, threatening to pull it from the stores. The threat was made yesterday, so the game should be gone today. Well, is it? I guess not…

In the meantime take a lot at this grandpa flipping at the game: