Adobe is making its Photoshop for iPad app smarter, by bringing a much needed feature to it. It’s the Select Subject functionality and it’s not the only one borrowed from the desktop application. Adobe launched Photoshop for iPad last month, but people were underwhelmed. A series of updates may fix that.

What people complained about most was the lack of features for the mobile app compared to the desktop version. Adobe is starting updates with a Select Subject feature. It allows users to select a subject from the background using AI basically. You should be able to make a selection with a single tap even if the focus of the image has a complex outline. Once selected, you can apply a filter or multiple ones to the select area or the background.

It basically mirrors what Adobe has been doing on desktop, which is generating clean lines around the main subject. Testers claim that it works like a charm on the iPad, all courtesy of machine learning algorithms. It was also trained using a variety of images of objects and scenes, so it knows what to expect. Even tougher objects like hair are taken into account. Adobe also included something else in this update: faster upload and download for documents from the cloud.

The enhancements apply particularly to PSD files which are 75 MB of larger. Depending on the size and network performance, Adobe goes as far as to claim a 90% speed increase. In the first half of 2020 Photoshop for iPad is expected to gain even more features. Refine Edge is on the list, as a brush to select softer edges. We’ll also get Lightroom integration and Photoshop workflows. You can get the app here.