Earlier this year, back in February Eve debuted a 2 in 1 tablet design concept and asked the community for feedback. People could tick boxes for components and features, including speaker placements, ports and more. The results are in and you can see a concept design following people’s choices.

This is the creation of the folks behind the Eve V slate, which was pretty well received a few years ago. We’re still waiting on the Eve V 2 tablet, which is a work in progress. Well, at least its makers narrowed down the format to 3 designs: Powerhouse, Workhorse and Better Up. The renders of these devices have been posted online and you can see the images in this article. The community was asked to vote on their favorites right here.

Let’s get through them. First of all there’s Powerhouse, which looks and feels a bit like the original Eve V, but with improved specs. It’s a got a slim body, made of aluminum and also a built in kickstand, plus front facing stereo speakers. Then there’s USB-C and USB-A ports, as well as front and back cameras. There’s an SD card reader and an audio jack, pus a fingerprint scanner in the Power button. Optional LTE and GPS are also here.

You can even perform upgrades to the SSD, by opening a slot hidden beneath the kickstand.

Workhorse keeps all the specs, but moves the ports on the bottom and focuses more on heat dissipation. Buttons are also more visible and the slate is easier to upgrade and repair, thanks to a few screws that can be removed in order to open the product and repair it.

We then have the Better Up model, a more budget approach with a plastic design, reduced weight and removable panels at the back, easily accessible with a screwdriver. All 3 slates will have a 12.3 inch screen with a 3:2 aspect and support detachable keyboards. Eve is still thinking about the CPU, GPU, RAM, battery and storage. Hopefully this time around Eve gets to ship all ordered units.