Many people have been saying that Apple will borrow the Face ID and design of the iPhone X on future devices, including tablets and maybe even MacBooks. One way the next iPad may look like is envisioned by designer Martin Hajek, who came up with the concept tablet below. It’s called the iPad X.

The iPad design language is still present, so this is most likely an iPad Pro, but one that has a TrueDepth set of cameras. The notch is obviously here and there speakers at the bottom and top, as seen in the renders. By the way, I expect the frame to be made of stainless steel and the screen to be a narrow bezel one (also probably an OLED panel). The iPad X has the same form factor as the iPad Pro, being a 12.9 incher on paper, but in reality it has a bigger diagonal.

It looks pretty sleek to me and a part of me thinks that it’s actually a better “experiment” than the iPhone X. Just please Apple, get rid of the godawful way of charging the Apple Pencil by having it stick out of the Lightning port. I see that Martin Hajek has also rendered a new generation of Apple Pencil, by the way, closer to a business pen than anything else.

I’m curious what the accessories of such a device will look like and just how the user will hold the tablet to be properly authenticated. I think we’ll find out in a few months.