We’ve heard that Sony was planning on getting onto the foldable phone bandwagon, but we didn’t expect to have it all turn into a real set of renders so fast. That’s exactly what we’re seeing today, courtesy of designer Metti Farhang: Sony Xperia Fold.

He or she created a device that adopts a bit of the Xperia DNA and a large part of the current foldable phones. The device looks pretty good in phone format and and when opened up it doesn’t seem to show any crease or separation of panels. There’s also a tent version of the render, showing that two screens are actually quite long, maybe even 21:9 in aspect.

Specs aren’t bad for Xperia Fold: 6.3 inch diagonal per cover screen (Super AMOLED), 8.8 inch in tablet mode (Dynamic AMOLED), 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage, Snapdragon 855. There’s also a triple back camera, with a 48 MP main shooter, secondary 48 MP camera and 20 MP wide angle cam too. There’s 5G and a 4500 mAh battery too.

The hinge feels like it’s taken from a Microsoft Surface Book or maybe Lenovo Yoga Book, with a Huawei Mate X twist. Sony being Sony, they’ll probably price this much higher than their rivals and deliver an excellent multimedia experience. The craftsmanship is very important and I remember opening up an Xperia Play back in the day, to find myself amazed by the excellent engineering inside.