Some tablet makers out there are really trying to make something special, like Eve is. They’ve come up with the Eve V crowdfunded tablet and now there’s a successor coming. The novelty compared to other brands is that this will be a crowd effort, as the guys and gals at Eve are asking the community’s help with the design.

They’re just proposing design concepts right now for a 2 in 1 tablet and asking for opinions. And it’s not just a blank space to fill in opinions, they’re asking all the right questions. You actually have to tick boxes here related to Thunderbolt ports, built in speakers, speaker placement, keyboard use, physical switches and alternative volume adjustment options. The main concept proposals are Powerhouse, One + One, Workhorse, Boosted Keyboard and Better Up.

You can even opt for screws and a metal design or not, thinking about future upgrades and repairs. Eve is also crowdsourcing names for its upcoming slate, which may end up shipping in Q4 2020. The previous Eve V slate didn’t quite have a smooth debut, because of delayed shipments and customer support. The OG Eve tablet from 2017 was solid though. It was a sort of Surface Pro rival, with Core i CPUs, an aluminum body, a 2 pound weight without the keyboard cover or 3 pounds with the keyboard attached.

Ever since the mishaps of the last product, Eve has partnered with PCH International for manufacturing and shipping. In the meantime there’s a clearance sale on the original Eve V slate, priced at just $770 with keyboard, pen, Core i7 CPU and 16 GB of RAM.