Microsoft and Samsung aren’t the only ones with patents of upcoming foldable phones, but also Dell. The company has been working on a foldable Windows 10 device for a bit now and we’ve just come across sketches and patents for it.

Codenamed Project Janus, the device popped up in leaks back in 2018 and we had no idea what to make it of till recently, when the patents showed up. Dell has filed a bunch of new patents for the foldable Windows 10 machine. It’s a dual screen foldable unit, that doesn’t quite stand out, except for the fact it has a pretty novel hinge.

The patent also mentions the first flexible sheet that bends at a different radius than a second flexible sheet. There’s a mounting bracket between them, fixing each of the flexible sheets to the “information handling system”. Documents also mention a friction linkage, that engages with slots within the first and second flexible sheets.

There’s an organic light emitting diode connected to the flex. There’s also talk of a hinge that narrows the gap between the two display halves. We’re referring to a portable information handling system with the first and second housing portions “rotationally coupled to each other” via the first and second hinge assemblies. Each of the hinge assemblies has a narrow double axes that holds the displays close in order to ensure a consistent appearance.

Expect the Dell foldable to arrive with Windows Core OS in Spring 2020.