Dell is among the many companies working on a foldable device, in their case a foldable laptop. A patent for such a device has just come to light and it’s supposed to be a flexible machine with an emphasis on screen quality.

The rumor about a foldable laptop was confirmed by a Dell official a while ago, Frank Azor, now working for AMD. has managed to pull off a render inspired by the documents of the upcoming device. They seem to show us a truly edge to edge laptop, with close to zero bezels on both screen panels. Back in March 2018 Dell applied for a patent at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for a “system for color and brightness” output management in a dual display device.

Said patent was only published this year, a week ago, on September 12th 2019. There’s talk of a device with two displays, that are connected to each other using a narrow screen edge. Dell has also patented a second approach, that replaces the dual screens with a single flexible screen, that folds in two. There aren’t many details about the hinge, but we do know that Dell was awarded patents for it.

Dell’s technology will focus very much on color, brightness, contrast, in the premium range for the device. It would make it ideal for editing media on the go. Expect a flexible OLED to be used here and some Pantone certifications to be in place. Such crazy gizmos are usually showcased at CES, so expect a large amount of them at CES 2020.

The likes of Samsung Display or LG Display will probably make the panel.