It appears that there’s room out there for one more leakster, so aside from @evleaks today we learn of @BB10Leaks, that leaked the BlackBerry roadmap for the coming months. Interestingly enough, this roadmap includes a BlackBerry 10 tablet and even a phablet.


The beginning of the roadmap includes the already launched BlackBerry Z10 and the upcoming Q10 model. After those two we get to the really juicy parts. In Q3 2012 we find a tablet that seems to be a landscaped oriented device with a large display, dubbed B10L. Last we heard, CEO Heins was saying that it’s hard to make a dent on the tablet market now, with big companies already getting a way too big slice of the pie.

Heins said that BlackBerry needs to add real value to a tablet before launching a new one. His speech doesn’t quite fit the words of someone looking to launch a tablet in Q3. Anyway, there’s also the U10 model in roadmap, that could be a phablet based on screen size. The product is placed between the last quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. Finally, in Q4 we find the R10, that could be a midrange phone. Are you ready for a BlackBerry phablet?