BlackBerry is said to have been working with Samsung on an ultra secure tablet, meant for the German government. The resulting device is dubbed SecuTablet and will be used by officials in Germany, thanks to its excellent security.


The device is manufactured by Samsung and it’s basically a Galaxy Tab S2, that received an influx of BlackBerry tech. There’s a special security card here and encryption, as well as the Samsung Knox tech. The card locks down all the data stored on the device and communication will be handled by BlackBerry’s services. BB branch SecuSmart does the information locking.

While the basic tablet is around $400, this model will be priced at $2000+. It’s not the first time that the firms have worked together on an ultra secure slate. One example that comes to mind is the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, that was also a high security model, with IBM Tech on board. BlackBerry hasn’t been able to find success in the Android area, so it may stick with the high security niche.