We had a feeling that the BlackBerry PlayBook wouldn’t be the last tablet to come out of Canada, but today we learn that BB is preparing even more goodies. The company is said to be working on both tablets and an interesting hybrid device with a sliding keyboard.


The info came during a speech given by BlackBerry CEO, John Chen at the MIT Enterprise Forum in Hong Kong. He was a guest speaker there and revealed that the BlackBerry Classic would launch in December. He also said close to the end of the video below, that the company is working on tablets and “another concept” that involves a large screen and a physical keyboard. That tells me we may see a 2 in 1 one device with a sliding keyboard.

A few months ago rumors floating on the web revealed that Blackberry was preparing a new tablet for 2015, that may or may not be a PlayBook 2. The image above shows a patent that BlackBerry got in 2012 and that may be used for the new device. To me this model feels like an OLPC machine, not exactly premium to be honest. I’d see BlackBerry making a model such as the Lenovo Yoga and seeing how the companies were linked in supposed transactions in the past, don’t be surprised if there’s more to this story than meets the eye…