It’s been a while since BlackBerry launched a tablet and even when it did, it wasn’t exactly a hit. Now with TCL taking the reins of the brand, that type of product may once again be on the table, according to rumors.

The previous slates were based on QNX OS, which was the starting point for BlackBerry 10. Back then the multitasking and its cards was very nice and the build was also premium, but the product vanished from shops fast. Back in 2013 former BlackBerry CEO promised that the firm wouldn’t be making tablets anymore. Now, on the MWC website there’s a listing for BlackBerry, which mentions that phones are made and sold by TCL, but also tablets.

At the bottom of the listing, when it comes to tags BlackBerry is mentioned as the manufacturer for Devices, Consumer Electronics and “Tablet Devices”. Once again it may be nothing, but it may be a big deal. TCL may want to bring back the PlayBook, maybe under a different name and hopefully nothing like the affordable Alcatel slates it also makes.