It’s been said before and we’ll say it again: BlackBerry may end up being bought by a larger company, with the likes of Samsung and Microsoft already eyeing the company for many years now. Samsung has already managed to work with BlackBerry on the Secu tablet and that may be the beginning of a larger relationship.


BlackBerry and Samsung are partners on the Secu Tablet and they also work on solutions related to security on Android devices. Their very next deal may bring the Exynos processor to BlackBerry handsets. Samsung has already offered its CPU to partners like Meizu, so why not BlackBerry? This firm is the go-to company, if you want solid productivity, communications and security solutions in the mobile world.

Back in November the two companies entered a mobile security partnership, with BB offering its mobile security services to Samsung’s Android devices. Back in March BlackBerry unveiled the $2380 Secu Tablet, that’s meant for the corporate environment, executives and enterprise users. This slate is powered by an Exynos CPU, a move that may predict a future BB handset or tablet with the same chip inside.

And looking at how well Exynos performs in benchmarks, the Canadian smartphone maker would be wise to go with it. However, I’d see them rather doing that on a handset than a tablet, since they haven’t launched a PlayBook in a while now…. Maybe they’ll launch a bigger model to counter the iPad Pro.