Even though BlackBerry is almost dead, judging by the recent loss of CEO and loss of the Fairfax deal, some fresh rumors are flying around, concerning a new tablet made by the Canadians. The first PlayBook had its flaws, but it was also one of the first charming low diagonal slates years ago.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2 is supposed to be a BlackBerry 10 slate, although last we heard, Thorsten Heins said that there’s no slate in the making. Now BlackBerry has a new CEO and in the meantime there’s a site that lists the new PlayBook as a top tablet for Christmas 2013 for some reason. The price is also appealing, but it all feels a bit too optimistic.

The company is said to focus on enterprise and scale down the device offering, so if you ask me, there’s no PlayBook 2 in the company’s feature. In case you’re wondering, the rumored price for the new BB slate is about 160 quid, which is way too good if you ask me. Also, will this be a 7 inch or 10 inch tablet? Have a go in the comments and speculate!