The guys of UMPC Portal decided to tackle an important issue with Windows 8, since everyone keeps praising the OS and forgets about its flaws. The first bad thing to notice is that the platform functions on low resolution slates and apps will have a problem with that, since they need a minimum of 768 pixels vertically.

Portrait mode functioning is also a problem, since basically Windows 8 avoids that totally. Another problem is the battery drain and the cost of Win 8 devices, plus the fact that high resolution displays cost a bunch to produce. I’ve seen tablets out there that actually encourage portrait mode, unlike Windows 8 that avoids it.

After seeing the video below, I realized that a lot of space is being wasted when the device is in portrait mode and the tiles have a pretty hectic way of behaving on the screen, not to mention that they’re stuck to portrait and won’t go back to landscape. I’ll blame that on the fact that this Win 8 build is a mere demo.

Other problems with Win 8 include lack of propper drag and drop in Javascript apps, security and features missing in the browser, the sharing subsystem can’t be used to its fullness and the lack of Flash. But more about that in UMPC Portal’s full piece.