Huawei MediaPad has been an interesting product from the start, since it was announced back when Android 3.2 was a mystery OS without clear features attached to it. Now the device reached the FCC and it’s preparing for T-Mobile debut.

The product will arrive in the US soon and it should pack a 1.2GHZ CPU and that 7 inch 1280 x 800 pixel display that has the Honeycomb experience adapted to its screen size. Dual cameras and HDMI round up a package that should draw quite a lot of adopters. The T-Mobile version of the slate will come with both 3G and HSPA+ connectivity, plus a tweaked version of Android we saw a while back.

The price here is $200 on contract, making the device compete with the likes of Kindle Fire, that luckily doesn’t involve a contract price. Without it, the Huawei MediaPad costs around $500, but considering how cheap the HTC Flyer got recently, I really don’t think I can recommend this unit right now. Maybe at Xmas time?