Well, so much for Siri only working on the iPhone 4S… Turns out that with the right port, the virtual assistant can not only reach the iPhone 4, but also the iPad 2, as shown below. The port for the tablet is in development and in case you’ve never heard about Siri, know that this is a personal assistant that allows you to control the handset through voice.

It recognizes a huge variety of vocal commands, cordial language, it can set reminders and alarms for you, perform web searches, text and email people, give you definitions an directions. Developer Sonny Dickson is the one spreading the news about the Siri port, in a tweet posted on his account recently.

The Siri for iPad 2 affair also includes a screenshot showing the Settings>General>Siri area from the menu. As far as the iPhone 4 Siri port goes, that’s pretty slow right now, but an updated version with GPU drivers is in the works. The problem with all these ports is that the Apple services don’t accept Siri voice input processing if it comes from any other device than the iPhone 4S…

  • Deian Stancu

    Why is so hard to port it? It’s the same hardware, except frequency which is higher than Iphone.
    Maybe some identifier blocks the Ipad….
    Still, will this be an official Siri, or jailbreaked one? And if official, they better make it free, like Iphone’s one….