Well, isn’t Wacom the promoter of all talents, now in the digital era? They’ve come up with a technology that even now when I watch the video below seems sci-fi to me… I’m talking about Inkling, a new creative tool, that will capture digitally what the user draws on a regular piece of paper.

There’s a kit involved here, that contains a receiver and a pen. You simply attach the receiver to the edge of any paper that you plan to draw on and then your pen will be detected via an ultrasonic and infrared link. Thanks to the receiver, your strokes will be monitored, as you draw and have your pressure levels recorded. 1024 levels are supported.

What’s interesting is that even different layers of strokes can be recorded with a single push of a button, coming on handy in apps such as Adobe Photoshop, that keeps tracks of layers. So, right now the tablets won’t matter as much, as long as you have this Wacom toy. Remember that it takes 3 hours for a full charge of the receiver and pen, as they sit in the Inkling storage case.

8 hours of drawing time will be provided with a single charge and the price of the kit is $199. Here’s a video detailing the process: