This is a much a sacrilege as it gets and only running Flash on the iPad would spoil the Apple picture more. I’m talking here about the iPad Linux port pictured below… We’re already used to such ports, since the PlayBooks’s pretty much Android compatible and the same Google OS has been seen on the HP TouchPad lately. And now… Linux on the iPad.

It appears that Linux was also able to run on the iPhone 4 and on the 4th gen iPod touch, but sadly we have no explanation on how the port is done. Of course, it might involve more than your average jailbreak and hacking, so one should keep away, unless he’s skilled enough. Seeing the good old penguin on Apple’s tablet only shows the possibility that these devices offer. In the end, the iPad and its rivals are mere tablet PCs with dual core CPUs and different shells.

You may remember the story that said the iPad was more suited at running webOS, since it worked better on Apple’s gear than on the TouchPad. Right now, the format is not important, since people seem to prefer either 7 inch and 9.7 inch devices, but the software is the deal maker and breaker. Win 8 might get a piece of the action hereā€¦