Wacom is the go-to brand for those who have to deal with graphics on a daily basis, so any movement on their front is carefully monitored. The company took part at CES 2017, where they brought a brand new stylus and some slates.

The newcomer is dubbed Wacom Pro Pen 2 and it offers over 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity, for extra accurate response and a more natural feel. In tandem with the Intuos Pro slate, the accessory sits on the desk and lets the user use the display available there or connect to a laptop even. Intuos Pro comes in two size versions, with programmable ExpressKeys, Touch Ring and multi touch gestures included.

There’s Bluetooth support and then there’s an Intuos Pro Paper Edition, that lets one digitize a sketch on paper while drawing. The pen tablet has a special clip and a gel pen, the Wacom Finetip Pen that will work in tandem. Wacom provides an app called Inkspace, that will be used to capture drawings within the company’s cloud service.

Intuos Pro 2 is available in medium and large sizes, for $350 or $500 respectively, while the Paper Edition goes for an extra $50 per size.