After MWC 2015 came CeBIT, that took place in Germany this week and this show also brought a series of new tablets. Those include the SurfTab Wintron 11.6 from Trekstor, that will be sold starting this summer and it got handled in the video below.


This model brings a two in one setup, with a detachable physical keyboard and the hands on was done by the folks of mobilegeeks. Right now we’re only dealing with a prototype, so bugs may appear. There’s a metallic cover in the mix and we’ve got two USB 2.0 ports (full size) on board, as well as two micro USB ports, a micro HDMI one and an audio jack.


There are two SIM Slots and the tablet packs a 3G module, so you’ll get that type of connectivity too. Specs also include a microSD card slot and the keyboard brings full sized keys, with excellent ergonomics. The CPU inside will be an Intel Atom or Core M, but Trekstor hasn’t decided which one just yet. A Bay Trail is favourite right now and that version will be priced at 349 euros.

Then we’ll also see a Core M unit, priced at 499 euros. Once again, it’s all a prototype, so it could change, including the name.