ASUS has some bad news for those of you want to jump on the dual screen hybrid ultrabook bandwagon. It appears that their dual screen Taichi ultrabook will be delayed, as shipments in the US will arrive later. The device have been available for US customers to order from a bunch of websites, including

Taichi is a dual screen ultrabook, that features a screen on the outside for slate use and a secondary display on the inside. The device represents a trend and an experiment right now, since Lenovo is doing the same thing with the Yoga device. The ultrabooks were originally supposed to ship this month after the launch of Windows 8. ASUS is now saying that the machines will start shipping in USA in December. They also mentioned that the product could even arrive at a later date.

ASUS didn’t provide any clear reasons for the delay of the ultrabooks, so we can only speculate. For those of you who don’t really know the Taichi, this device cost $1299, is a Windows 8 hybrid, has an Intel Core i5 processor and a 128 GB SSD for storage. There are two models of the device and the Core i5 one is the 21 DH51 with the price tag mentioned before, while the pricier unit is the Taichi 21 DH71, that goes for $1599 and has an Intel Core 7 chipset.