Well, isn’t Toshiba a risky son of a gun when it comes to ads? At some point they had an ad that attacked the iPad quite a bit and made fun of it for lacking Flash, while also promoting the Toshiba Thrive. Now we get a provocative/vulgar ad for a Toshiba Windows slate, that’s also Windows 8 ready. The ad got pulled but you can still watch it below.

It was pulled by Toshiba, but some user was quick enough to repost it. I’m guessing that Microsoft insisted on the retiring of the commercial, because they don’t want Win 8 to be associated with a hot Asian woman doing yoga while exposing part of her breasts on top of a tablet. Honestly speaking, LG also had a provocative ad for the LG Optimus 3D and nobody said anything about that one… Anyway the series of ads here is available in both English and French and posted on YouTube then made private.

Another strange commercial involves an actress’s buttocks shown as the centerpiece of the ad, as she looks at a copier. What’s with all the sensuality? Didn’t they figure out that family was the way to go? Samsung has family ads, Apple does too and so does ASUS. And they’re succeeding, right? HTC has those stylized cool ads, Nokia has the youngsters and teens, while Motorola is all about sci-fi, mostly thanks to Verizon’s ads. Is Toshiba the company that defines technology through hot women?