It appears that Apple won’t be taking its banning spree and lawsuits against Samsung to the UK anytime soon, because an UK judge decided that the Galaxy Tab does not infringe on the Apple iPad patents. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate remains banned in the United States and the Galaxy Nexus just got rid of that, recently.

UK Court Judge Colin Birss doesn’t seem to think the same as the US Judge Lucy Koh, that decided against Samsung in the States. So, right now we have Netherlands and Germany and USA on Apple’s side, with lawsuits won by Apple and Australia and UK as the places where the Galaxy Tab injunction failed and Samsung won. Well, at least lawsuits are cooling down, since Apple and Proview settled in China, then in UK it’s all peace and quiet and now the USA authorities will clear the rest of the issues up.

My only fear is that the 2012 Samsung products will also suffer and these include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 units, the Note 10.1 and the Galaxy S III… For now the Tab 2 is safe, the Note 10.1 is too early to judge and the Galaxy S III already has a lawsuit being set up as we write this. Will Samsung ever get some peace and quiet?