Tablet sales won’t only surpass notebook sales in 2013, but also beat 2012’s sales big time. Analysts are saying that we should expect this year’s shipments to beat the 130 million units from last year and reach somewhere between 170 million and 180 million.


The iPad is still the dominant tablet, but Android has a big slice of the 7 inch slate segment, in spite of the recent popularity of the iPad Mini. In 2012 manufacturers shipped an impressive 73.4 million 9 inch and larger tablets, triggering a year on year growth of 35% and a total share of 59% of the overall tablet market. In 2012 large tablets were the fad, but in 2013 things will be different. 7 inch and 8 inch devices are being sought after and they’re expected to become very popular, thanks to the affordable price tag.

Specialists say they may reach as high as 60% in market share for the whole tablet segment. Samsung expects to double its shipped tablets from 2012 this year and I guess that if they keep up the good work and deliver products like the Nexus 10 and make the Galaxy Note 7 a reality, they can do it.