Temple Run, available for multiple mobile platforms  has reached a level of popularity where not even the developers anticipated it would go. It is one of the most successful titles in the history of mobile gaming, now about to become a series with the addition of an all new title.


Touch Arcade has gotten a piece of info according to which Tempe Run 2 will be available in the US starting tonight. The New Zealand AppStore is already offering the title that is expected to reach other countries as we speak. The title offers new and improved graphics and environments, along with a bunch of other stuff.

Tempe Run 2 keeps the gameplay mechanics of the original, while throwing in new sets, a bunch of new power-ups and new in-app purchases. Fans will be happy to know that now you can ride in mine carts and on zip lines, adding a lot to the excitement of the game. Unfortunately there is no word about when the title might become available for Android.