Every major company out there is announcing or readying an Apple iPad rival, so Sony couldn’t just stand aside and watch these initiatives. Apparently, they’re also gearing up to launch a cool tablet, while WSJ also mentions a gaming smartphone, maybe that cool PSP Phone we’ve been waiting for over the past years.

Some even claim that the two devices are a single MID/netbook/ereader able to compete with JooJoo, iPad, Nintendo DS and Archos products. This isn’t all about hardware novelty, as Sony are also supposed to launch a new online media platform in the US this month.

Once again Sony is partnering with Sony Ericsson on the design of the gaming handset, but this time the maker of the PSP is playing a bigger part in its creation. Senior VP Kunimasa Suzuki (involved with Sony’s Vaio division) is leading the product planning for new mobile devices, according to Sony, so we might see a Vaio tablet announced soon.

[via Slashgear]